Sunday, June 15, 2008

white horses, they will take me away

I had a moment a couple nights ago when I suddenly wasn't lazy and decided to go on Polyvore to celebrate. To start off though, about a week ago, while researching the 1950's fashion era for a grade 12 English presentation I discovered this absolute beaut.

How perfect is that skirt? I'm having a stage with florals (when do I not), and this defines beauty. That woman doesn't know how truly lucky she is to have that. I hate looking at pictures from previous eras simply because I know I would never be able to live it. We live in an era where the media is so consumed in looks and drama and not the real stuff- fashion. I'm surrounded by Hollister and Abercrombie and The Hills and Hot Topic and unneccessary amounts of makeup... simply put, a society consumed in absolute trash. Oh, now I'm rambling... only I could get from the topic of a floral skirt to emos in less than three sentences.

The whole objective of this post is to show a "re-creation" of this floral skirt, with a bit of 1920s in there as well.

I have a fitness exam tomorrow that I haven't started studying for yet though, so I will catch up later. I'm contemplating leaving blogspot for devote, because there's much more flexibility in the layout. And I want a floral background.

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