Monday, June 16, 2008

thank god for two thousand and eight

Ok so I know I haven't neccessarily been posting pictures of my current style so no one truly knows what kind of clothing I wear nowadays. Some girl stole my camera, took it to her grad (there were family pictures on it), and when my guy friends asked her to give it back she refused. She was five feet away from me, literally. Eventually she gave up and handed it to him, and it took her several hours and a lot of alcohol to walk up to me and apologize. Recently I've been swimming in school work and gotten lazy on my outfits, but the one night I spent at least an hour on my outfit, she had my camera. Blah blah blah, I know I keep making excuses, but I've honestly had the worst luck with this camera. I'd estimate that half of it's short little life it has been missing. Then again, I'm known as the one that loses, forgets, and breaks everything. Basically, a klutz. And as you can see, I'm quite the rambler.

Today I was looking through old pictures and stumbled across this one.

This was taken at the beginning of my second year of high school, also known as fall 2006 and needless to say I'm surprised at how drastically my style has changed. Half of those clothes are probably hanging in a thrift shore somewhere. This was a time where I was scene-obsessed and listening to 'Panic! at the Disco' like I needed it to survive. Then, I wouldn't be caught dead in a thrift store, let alone anything vintage. Basically, I was an entirely different person.
It's times like these I am so glad that stage is over. I guess this outfit doesn't look that bad from this angle. But if you saw the shirt, you'd be laughing too.

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