Tuesday, June 24, 2008

after many excuses

I finally got my camera back! In celebration, I took pictures of my brunch outfit from this morning. I'm excited for the next few outfits I wear because I just recently went on an insane spree at the Goodwill and bought too many skirts for my own good. I'm milking the hot weather as much as I can. So basically, today's outfit is all from the Goodwill but the shirt, which is from many years ago, I don't know how it still fits. I kept it only because it says "got soul?", which I love. It's probably the only thing I've kept from my elementary school years. I had no shred of fashion sense back then but honestly, who did? The shoes are my brothers. He loves The Misfits, and I just thought the shoes somewhat worked, so I threw them on and ran out of the house before he noticed. If you're wondering why I'm wearing two different pair of glasses, I at first decided to wear the grandfather glasses, but went with the wayfarers instead because of the sun. I would have kept the glasses on if the sun wasn't so strong though, the outfit looks more complete with them.

Some more purchases from my spree at the thrift store. These glasses are my new loves, I think I've worn them every time I've stepped out of my house. They used to have lens in them, but I looked absolutely ridiculous with them in and could barely see a thing. I love how something like mandatory glasses for a 65-year-old man can be worn by a 16-year-old and look fashionable. The two blue shoes are great finds as well, I've been trying to find blue boots forever and when I saw them I grabbed them and immediately bought them. I didn't even check the size until I got home. Turns out they are a couple sizes too small, but after a bit of forcing they fit comfortably. The other shoes have a bit of a shade of purple in them, but I still love them because of the holes on the top and the short heels. I don't think I could ever wear tall heels, I'm way too clumsy for my own good.

This picture is from a couple of weekends ago taken with another's camera. I wish you could see the outfit better, but this is the nearest thing I have to a full body shot. I am on the far left and was having a bit of an obsession with Luella and the nerd look, so I attempted to recreate it with my new skirt from H&M. It was too hot to wear boots so I went with the simpler alternative of gladiator sandals. If I had the grandfather glasses that night, it would have completed it. I'll probably wear this outfit again just because of the glasses. I need that batman shirt though, I'm in love.

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