Sunday, May 25, 2008

reborn, or something like it

I think I'm going to start using this blog more often now. I've been writing over at livejournal, but it's getting a tad boring there. I've been so inspired by all of these fashion blogs to come back here and write strictly on fashion (well not that strict, but you get the point). I'm getting so sick of the clothes in my closet. I'm always trying to spice things up by rummaging through my mom's closet. Speaking of her closet, it is heavenly. Her skirts are to die for. I wore a long red skirt out last weekend and she went mental when she saw it on me. Yet she hasn't worn it for years. I don't think she has touched over half of her clothes in years. The beautiful clothes too! She's gone from fashionably inspirational to looking like Carmela Soprano.

Anyway, I've been having a shoe dilemma for quite some time. I've been searching for gladiator sandals ever since I saw these beauties on Mary Kate Olsen.

These 2007 resort Chanel gladiators are the epitome of life. The thought of them drive me insane. I need them that bad. I've been searching for a pair like this for ever. I've even resorted to online shopping, something I am a virgin to. I hope to god I get sandals like these before summer starts. This is now my goal.

Before I leave and do my homework (I'll be back here in about ten minutes due to lack of incentive), here are some of my favourite street style outfits I've seen recentely.

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