Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm going to update this more often now, I've made a point to do so. I will follow routine at first until all is no longer ritualistic and simply becomes the norm. I've fallen out of the loop with many things and most of them I wish to revive; this here is one of them. I will have a dissimilar approach this time around, though. I'd rather not limit myself to one aspect of my interests and let all of them reflect the character of this blog.

So ahem, hello again, if anyone is still out there.

Unknown times two, Sally Mann, an untitled diptych (self-portrait).

Both of these albums have been on repeat recently.
Ambient noise band Loveliescrushing's "Ghosts that Swirl" from Xuvetyn.
German krautrock band Can's "Halleluwah" from Tago Mago.

This lost video that I discovered in the abyss of my hard drive is from March 5th, 2010. Song that is playing is Alarm Call by Björk. Anything with sequins on it is from H&M, the rest is thrifted, that Batman necklace (rip) was made from a loose chain and a mask from a costume shop.

Lastly, some writing from earlier today.

The night takes me by the wrist and does not release me until oblivion sets in. I wander into the ice fog, my eyes become iridescent in the mist, and suddenly I cling to consciousness. I am a newborn attached to my mother’s breast as hunger strikes. A soldier clutches the edge of the cliff, as the sea below threatens to consume him, a comatose state threatens to consume me. I will not be forced into submission; I will tear the night from its seams until light breaks and the morning dew sets on my skin. Now you are insentient, I hear. A persistent vegetative state.

The light has appeared. I feel as if I am transcending, my corporeal being now a figment of the past, which has now faded into nothing. The mind cannot keep the past alive - the present’s arrival means each passing moment has suddenly found its demise.

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow is not yet born. Though it does not matter; I now exist in a state where there is no notion of tangibility, nor of time. The body is a disposable shell made of matter that eventually decays into dust. The air lifts us up and we become the ice fog that films over the living’s scintillating eyes.

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