Thursday, February 10, 2011

In order of appearance:
Modigliani's Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne
Brueghel's Flowers in a Vase
Schiele's Blonde sketch, 1912
Claude Monet in his garden
Still of Christina Ricci in Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66
Still from Dogtooth
Jil Sander pants (season?)
Still from Stan Brakhage's A Child's Garden and the Serious Sea
Reality Bites promo shot (can we talk about J Garofalo's outfit for a second)
Another still from Buffalo '66
Still from a Jonas Mekas film (Walden, I think)
Excerpt from An Object of Beauty via
Own shot
Source unknown (kick ass outfits though)
Frida Gustavsson via
Robert Frank's Home Improvements
William Faulkner wearing a very desirable tweed blazer (*the elbows*)
Broadcast's tune Corporeal (long live Trish Keenan)
+ what I wore today - Old Navy red plaid blouse, H&M cream wool-y cardigan, thrifted skirt/belt/brooch


Anonymous said...

Props for the movie shots, loved Dogtooth when I watched it recently, the subtlety of the acting and plot line was wonderful, as was the cinematography. I'll avoid waxing lyrical here. Also just love the collection of images you've put together, there is something great about when images are then put together and form their own stream of consciousness, like reading a narrative throughout.

And skirts that skim the floor forever <3

kasmslo said...

man i love this blog, you really have an eye for things. i was in the process of making myself a skirt like that out of some sort of knit, everything about it is so universally perfect...
i noticed the red nail, do i get points for that?

fashionsdirtylaundry said...

The Secret Universe.

Caroline said...

I have missed your blog, everything you have posted is perfect, love it :)

Simona said...

I think I love you! ;)

Claire said...

Such a stunning collection of photos, they feel very emotional to me.
Also, your outfit is WONDERFUL. I love it so much. :)

KAMI said...

lovely, as always =)

Casie Jean said...

your collections of photos makes me happy.
your blog inspires me Rose x.x
p.s lets hang out soon!

Anonymous said...

omg! xo source unknown = my fave pic of big and little edie - abs foretells their future. ALWAYS kick ass costumes for their day.

Jess said...

i would seriously kill for those jil sander trousers