Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've been totally neglecting this thing. Sorry! And I still don't really feel like writing, so I'll just be really brief.

This is a picture my pal Anna took of me a week or so ago. Floral galore. (PS. Everything is thrifted! Goodwill is your friend, people.)


Oh, and here's something I wrote about clothes with nebula prints over on the Worn Journal blog. Nothing special, but hey, it's pretty damn accurate. Not to mention one of my favourite collections I've seen in the recent past is entirely based on space - take a look at the ethereal goodness of Setareh Mohtarez's Breaking Dawn collection.



Anonymous said...

You know how we're engaged? Well, I think part of out marriage clause should include me getting to wear your wardrobe! Your layers are so perfect together and I'm digging the floral background... It's all Vertigo flower shop or something. Also, I totally saw your name in print in Worn, I'm major proud. I think you should post more here, each time you do I get super excited. My life has reached new levels of un-cool.

Kat said...

that outfit is stellar. (i get mcqueen-esque vibes from that jacket.) so are those nebula print dresses.. literally. ha. ha.


fashionsdirtylaundry said...

Cool jacket-- love it paired with the lace skirt! Goodwill IS our friend!