Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is what my top half looked like today. 

And this is what the Comme des Garcons website looked like today (and for quite some time prior to today actually). Gorgeous stuff. Includes collaborations with the Brothers Quay, a set magnificent stop motion animators (also illustrators) whose work is enchantingly grim. I always like contradictions in art, for example how something morose can evoke beauty in a perverted sort of way. The Quays achieve that perfectly with their films. Ai Weiwei is also another collaborator; he is a Beijing-based artist whose work typically involves a social commentary of some kind, and thankfully it isn't distasteful by any stretch. His series 'Fingers' is one of the greatest things, I recommend searching for it. It's bound to be somewhere on the internet, no? One of the photographs, entitled 'White House', is simply an image of his hand in the foreground, out of focus, flipping off the White House which sits in front of him. From a safe distance, of course. Finally there is Mondongo, a group of Argentinean artists whose intricate collages are preoccupied with portraying sexually obscene situations. Similar artistic style with what they're doing for CdG but the subject matter is slightly altered. The characters in the collages are reasonably clothed on the website, for one. Regardless, I am fond of all three collaborations because I feel they do coincide with the Comme aesthetic. The website is simply and purely good artists working jointly with equally good artists and creating something interesting. And I'm definitely interested.

Images courtesy of zee Comme des Garcons official vebsite. Und zee tiger sveater und belt are both thrifted. 


Isabel said...

Oh shit! The wildcat is great, and I love the clay face.

Jade said...

fuck i cant get over the comme ads....
and i love your shirt p.s.