Monday, October 04, 2010

Hey guys! It's been two months to the day of my last post; time passes by much too quickly. It's the fifth week of school although it still feels like the first, the weather is changing rapidly though I say this with no negative connotation (for I can now layer and not melt, you see), and Fashion month has already come and gone. But I'll leave another post for an amalgamated collection of what I consider the most aesthetically and conceptually appealing looks of the season. Though that isn't to say this was the most interesting season I've seen; I found some of the collections I was anticipating anxiously left me underwhelmed and even feeling a bit morose (it's weird how clothes can do that). There are however a few more Spring 2011 shows remaining that may shift these sentiments. I guess only time and the looks (I'm specifically glaring at you, Miuccia) will tell.

On a personal fashion-related note, I took a few snaps of today's outfit before I ran out of the house and into the seemingly perpetual rain (I'm reasonably positive it's been pouring for at least a week). Listening to Dry by PJ Harvey whilst purchasing her live DVD Please Leave Quietly at the local record store later that evening did help though. This unremitting obsession with Polly Jean hasn't died down since I first heard Is This Desire? sometime in the Spring and then proceeded to get the rest of her stuff. This woman is incredible. She needs to either adopt me or permit me to become her passionate lover. Or both. I would say something like LOLJK here but I'm not actually kidding so.

Unremitting. Anyways, yes, right, clothes.

Everything is basically either thrifted or from H&M with the exception of the sequin blouse which is from the vintage store Courage My Love located in Kensington Market, Toronto (you should go if you live in the area). And the white thigh-highs are from American Apparel.

Lots of white and lots of layers. I've been tending to stray in that direction with my outfits as of late. Plus I can't get over collars - they've somehow found a way to incorporate themselves one way or another into every outfit I put together. Should have probably saved up for that Miu Miu collar then, don't you think? One day...

Oh, last thing: I've been accepted for an internship at Worn Fashion Journal for their 12th issue! Orientation was the previous evening followed by my first shift this Friday. The atmosphere and the individuals affiliated are marvelous from what I've gathered so far, not to mention the journal itself being the cat's pajamas. Or the bee's knees. Or any other flattering idiom you can think of. 

Here is a glimpse into the 10th issue. After you finish watching this short endearing stop motion video whilst bobbing your head to "96 Tears" you should go out and buy it yourself. We're cool with the shameless advertising, right? 


Kat said...

lovelove as usual.. good luck and congrats on the internship! <3

Isabel said...

THIS OUTFIT RULES. And of course we all knew you would get the internship. Best of luck!

Jennifer said...

I've never bought a copy of worn but I do like to read their blog. The photos of men hair styled to frida kahlo, coco chanel etc. are surely tempting me.

Caroline said...

Aww, big congrats on getting the internship, i bet it'll be wonderful!

I realllly love what your wearing, it is stunning! And i lurrrvve PJ Harvey too, yay!

leslie said...


i'm jealous of the rain, it was cold and drizzly here for all of 3 days and now it's going back up to the 80s and 90s

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love your white long coat cute