Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is what I wore to study today.

This is me showcasing my hair, and oh shit! It's pink again!

This is the song I've been listening to on repeat for the past several days.

This is me saying bye because I have an exam in seven hours. Bye!

Top and blazer are thrifted. Tights are from a halloween costume shop called Malabar located in Toronto.


samantha said...

i've been looking for tights like that everywhere.

and your hair is cotton candy glory.

K.M. said...

your hair is looking sweet like sugar. im also desperate for these tights. good luck with your exam!

Isabel said...

Bst outfit ever! Those tights are honestly the most killer/amazing legwear in the world.

Also, I must have a different version of Love Will Tear Us Apart because that version sounds strange to my ears. Hmmmm.

Taj said...

this outfit is soooo good!!
love the hair!!

P.S. you've been having Joy Division fever too!?!!? I just cant stop listening every since this post on my tumblr
( http://futureplans.tumblr.com/day/2010/04/19 )

(note: the Freja pic and Kelis/tumblr/milkshake mashup lyrics have nothing to do with anything I just couldnt figure out how to single out that post:)))

hazel said...

That's my favorite song! Or one of the top, at least. God your hair looks so fucking awesome, suits you absolutely perfectly.

Meg said...

ohhhh yup, i want those tights ssososso bad ... i've searched eevery only costume store for these bad boys. plus your hair is giving me a 90s gwen with braces vibe ... this is a very good thing

KD said...


Kylie said...

How did you get in my brain and pluck this outfit?? It's amazing, I keep forgetting to make skeleton tights like that, thanks for reminding me, haha. And obvi I'm in love with the pink hair!!


Mat said...

your tights look amazing with that blazer!

Anonymous said...

This is an epic outfit combo. It makes me think I desperately need a full on skeleton suit in my life like NOW.

Thanks for the feedback on the hella long thing I wrote. You are 100% accurate and I kind of wish it didn't function like that but at the same time I see it's purpose for being that way and everything.

I figured I'd get some mixed reviews with the coat-skirt, but it keeps my bum warm and I got all inspired after looking at the McQueen Fall lookbook... drool. I want to come up with more ways to reuse clothing in new ways!

Ahh such an essay. eep.

Katie said...

Love the pictures! I'm trying to decipher what part you are reading but I can't tell.
What is your favourite part in the ghost world comic?

Rosé Magritte said...

thank you so much everyone!

Katie- the part after Enid and Rebecca get into a heated arguement, up until they call one another (particularly the scene where Enid finally gets to play the records from her childhood).